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  • Modelo detallado: PL380BLK

  • Tipo de radio: Digital

  • Bandas: AM,FM,LW,MW,SW


TECSUN PL-380 DSP Radio FM MW SW LW Receiver Clock Alarm Black + Outdoor FM&SW Antenna Y4130A

Tecsun PL-380 is a DSP (Digital Signal Processing) multi-band portable radio. It uses DSP 4734 micro-chips (from Silicon Labs in USA) to digitize the analog MW / FM / SW broadcasting signal base through modern software technology and radio principles. It greatly improves the radio's sensitivity, selectivity, S / N ratio and anti-interference. It is equipped with Easy Tuning Mode (ETM), Tecsun own designed tuning method. ETM provides the user the possibility to auto-scan for new radio stations, without replacing stations that are already stored into the radio's memory. ETM is an ideal feature for users who listen to radio broadcastings at different locations.


FM Stereo / MW / LW / SW (2.3 - 21.95 MHz) World receiver
High sensitivity and Selectivity (DSP micro-chip)
High performance on S/N ratio and anti-interference
7 tuning mode selectable:
Jog dial manual tuning
Auto scan tuning for FM, MW, LW & SW
Pre-setting manual scan tuning
Memory pre-setting auto scan tuning
Memory pre-setting address direct entry tuning
Frequency direct entry tuning
Easy Tuning Mode (ETM)
4 FM band optional, widely used in Europe, America, Germany, Russia, Japan, etc
9K / 10k for MW tuning step
Equipped with outdoor antenna, clip on the telescopic antenna can significantly improve the reception of FM & SW
550 Station Memories (100 memories for FM / LW /MW, and 250 memories for SW)
Multi-functions Digital Display: Signal Strength, S/N ratio, Clock & Alarm, Temperature & Battery Consumption.
Sleep Timer (1-120 minutes)
Alarm Clock & Snooze function
Low power consumption circuit
Built-in intelligent charging system to charge Ni-MH rechargeable battery
Well-designed and manufactured for the majority of radio enthusiasts.


Frequency range

FM: 87-108 MHz (EU& USA)
87.5-108 MHz (Germany)
64-108 MHz (Russia)
76-108 MHz (Japan)
MW: 522-1620 KHz (9KHz steps)
520-1710 KHz (10KHz steps)
SW: 2300-21950 KHz
LW: 153-513 KHz

Signal selection


FM stereo crosstalk

Less than 35dB

Temperature unit

°C or °F


50mm 16 500mW


DC 5V or 3 x AA batteries (not included)


135 x 86 x 26 mm (5.2 x 3.4 x 1 in)


200g (7.2oz)


1 x Hot TECSUN PL-380 DSP Radio FM MW SW LW Receiver Clock Alarm Black + Outdoor FM&SW Antenna Y4130A
1 x Portable Bag
1 x Outdoor antenna
1 x Earphone